Hypertension Clinic

Hypertension 2Our Blood Pressure clinic is carried out by our Practice Nurse and Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

High blood pressure does not tend to give obvious symptoms and a high reading may be found by any health professional, at a variety of clinics eg.. lifestyle clinics, menopause reviews, new patient assessments or even by work- based health checks. You should then see the GP for assessment and for advice on management.Hypertension 1 The doctor will request that you attend the hypertension clinic for further investigations including blood tests, cholesterol review, chest X-ray, cardiograph  and medication review, if necessary. You will be offered advice about lifestyle including diet, smoking cessation and exercise.

Regular checks of your BP will be required until the reading is acceptable, and then the frequency of measurements can be reduced to 2-3 times per year. The practice now offers repeat medication lasting  three months on each  prescription, so when the blood pressure is stable this can be altered on your records.

Key Benefits of well-controlled blood pressure

  • Reduction in incidence of stokes
  • Reduction of damage to other organs including kidneys and eyes.
  • Reduced risk of angina and heart attacks